From my experience I have come to realize that my family (myself included) needs to exhibit self control when being tempted to buy souvenirs of the biological kind. You know the story. You & the family go to the beach and come back with a couple of hermit crabs only to find out when you get home that these little fellas require more care than the vendor led on and if they take a days-long nap and give off an odoriferous aroma, something is terribly wrong. Our story does not pertain to hermit crabs but two cute little turtles called “Red Ear Sliders”. They were being touted by a beach vender as a low maintenance pet that won’t get any bigger than it’s habitat, did not need a filter for it’s habitat as fish do and eat just a few pellets of turtle food every day. Now these turtles were the size of a quarter and were absolutely adorable, as most things are in miniature. Of course, the kids were promising that THEY would be the ones to take care of these creatures and so we decided to get one turtle for each child.

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