Close Encounters With the Homeless Kind

I once found myself with a homeless man on the trunk of my car,apparently trying to get my attention because I didn’t “look at him”. I was stopped at a red light at an intersection when I noticed him on the corner by a Jack-In-the-Box restaurant.  I saw him, then glanced the other way, waiting for the light to turn green.  Suddenly, I heard a thud coming from my trunk and felt the back of my car drop. There, lounging on my car, was the homeless man – oblivious to the honks surrounding him.  I ran out to get an explanation and persuade him to get off, and he says to me, “Oh, now you notice me.”  Lesson number one:  Don’t ignore the homeless.

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Overdrafting? I’m over it.

First of all I am an amateur writer, however I’m broke just like all the other bloggers and desperate to find extra cash. So please don’t kick my blog to the curb.

My experience involves banking. As much as I try to manage my funds I can never come out ahead.  Try balancing my checkbook.  Miss something, overdraft.  Then the banks go and change up midstream telling you that they don’t care if you have money in your account or not every purchase will go through.

So I monitor my account online. My account gets severely overdrawn.  I call cust service they tell me that they rearrange your purchases according to amount, largest to smallest.  So I make about six small purchases.  My account has $800 dollars in it.  I make a purchase didn’t check my account rushing make a $758 purchase and 2 small purchase about $21 and $14.  They overdraft.  I check my account and see last 2 overdrafted. The next day I’m -$325 in the red.

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