From my experience on the web page I found out the moon is indeed made of cheese. I had my doubts at one time, especially when there was talk of the man in the moon, but now I know that is pure foolishness. Google’s mapping program, which shows the Apollo 11 – Apollo 17 landings on earth’s moon, will also show that the moon is made of cheese when you zoom out to the highest setting.

Hard to believe? Yes, but who would doubt the authenticity of Google and Google Maps. Try it yourself at All your chilhood dreams are now in question.

Update 9/13/2007: Google has removed the cheese image from the moon maps page page. The screen shot will have to suffice.


Google Moon Gets Major Updates

“This update brings higher-resolution map imagery, text search,
and photos and stories from every Apollo landing,” stated
Michael Weiss-Malik, a software engineer, on the Google LatLong

He then continued, “We even included Street View-style panoramas
of the moon’s surface, taken by the Apollo astronauts …
something you won’t see anywhere else. And last but certainly
not least, we tossed in scientific charts that are good enough
for actual mission planning and science classrooms alike.”

Excerpted from an article by Doug Caverly, staff writer at WebProNews.

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